For more than 20 years, Haecker Automation has provided future-oriented solutions in microsystems technology. The family-owned German company operates worldwide in the fields of micro assembly, micro and nano dispensing as well as in micro laser soldering.

OurPlant D1 – Desktop Prototype Machine

  • The OurPlant Assembly platform is an innovative system that can take you from idea to series production quickly
  • The modular setup gives you the right processing equipment for each phase of the production cycle by integrating various “plug & play” extension modules so that different micro assembly applications can be handled by this one high-performance machine
  • Precision in 3D: Substrate and component handling in 3D as well as optical detection systems allow the highest assembly accuracy
  • Unlimited Process Design: Patented linear controlled dispensing allows the precise application of the smallest amounts regardless of the material’s viscosity and the structure
  • OurPlant D1 forms the basis for the seamless transition of your products into series production
  • The D1 is extremely compact and open
  • Modules and programs can be easily transferred to all major machinery of the OurPlant family

OurPlant XTec – Average Quantities

  • The XTec is a compact, fully automatic machine designed for demanding products in micro assembly
  • Features up to 5 integrable processing heads that give you maximum process flexibility and diversity
  • This high-precision manufacturing machine can combine different applications on one system and in one process
  • Highly-efficient automatic machine that can produce the most technically advanced micro assembly products in series

OurPlant X3 – High-Volume Production

  • The X3 provides high-volume production and high flexibility
  • This micro assembly system is designed for large-batch series and combines individual processes with high speed
  • The modular concept guarantees the platform’s adaptability to future products and process requirements
  • Equipped with double portals to guarantee economic production
  • Small all-in-one factory for micro assembly – produce everything on one, adaptable and efficient machine
  • Laser version also available