Mechanical Molding Press: Model HP-120


  • Mechanical Transfer Plunger
  • Clean Room Compatible Mechanical Press
  • Automatic Mold Cleaning System
  • Soft Close and Close Loop Functions
  • Compact Machine Footprint
  • Multiple Temperature Controls: +/-2 oC
  • Easy to Use Graphic Interface with Touch Screen LCD Monitor

NDCI Hanmi Compression Automold S1000

Auto Molding System: Compression Auto Mold S-1000


Various Press Clamping Tonnage Up to 175 Tons

Independent Molding with Modular Concept (up to 4 modules)

Field Proven, Excellent Molding Quality

  • Void free and minimum wire sweep
  • Improved molding quality (no pre-heating required)

Top Pin Gate Molding Capable

  • No runner and no gate remain
  • Solutions for molding thin package, non-metal substrate and high pin count packages
  • Suitable for PoP (Package on Package) and smartcard


Hydraulic Molding Press (Top/Bottom Transfer): Model HMP – 260TB


Clamping Tonnage Available Up to 300 Tons

Patented Top/Bottom Transfer

  • Selectable top or bottom plunger allows you to easily switch over to top or bottom transfer mode without additional conversion
  • Provides machine flexibility for both conventional top transfer or MPG molding (no additional hydraulic line required)

Soft Close Function

  • Four-point soft close to detect lead frame overlapping and foreign materials (mold protection)

Close Loop Function to Minimize Void and Wire Sweep

  • Digitalized transfer cylinder velocity and pressure control (velocity and pressure compensation function)

Individual Sub-Cylinder Pressure Control

  • Improves mold flash issue

Solution for Oil Leakage and Easy Maintenance

Multiple Temperature Controls

  • 32 heaters and thermocouples for even temperature control
  • Computer controlled

Computer Controlled Press Operation and Real Time Monitoring

  • Controls and monitors all press functions
  • Can store up to 100 sets of parameters including mold heat, clamping pressure, transfer profiles, etc.
  • Real-time graphic display on LCD monitor

Light Screen Safety Systems

Improved Accessibility

Simplified Hydraulics for Ease of Maintenance

World-Class Quality and Workmanship

  • Rugged construction and rigid QC standards assure trouble-free operation


LED Packaging Systems


Manual Mold Press

  • Capable of handling various LED packages
  • Field proven, excellent molding quality

Hydraulic Mold Press

  • Patented top and bottom transfer mechanism
  • Clamping tonnage up to 300 tons
  • Soft-close function and close-loop function

Mechanical Mold Press

  • Mechanical transfer plunger (oil-less system)
  • Clamping tonnage up to 120 tons
  • Compact machine footprint and user-friendly interface