HANMI is a proven industry leader in laser marking and laser cutting, offering some of the very best automated equipment for lithography, repair, deflashing, marking, cutting/dicing, trimming and drilling. Below is a sample of some of their offerings. For a full menu of automated laser systems, contact your area sales team member.


Laser Marking System: Model LASER MARK – 3000HS


HANMI’s Exclusive Fiber Laser Marker

  • World’s first “30W Fiber Laser” for strip marking

Air Cooling System for Laser

  • No DI cooling water necessary

Compact Design and Small Footprint

  • 35 – 50% reduction in laser and equipment size

Enhanced Laser Features

  • Longest laser and pump lifespan
  • Best marking quality (M2=3)
  • Maintenance free laser and no consumables
  • Lower power consumption

Fully Automatic Beam Expander Function


Laser Cutting System: Model LASER CUTTING – 3000


High Productivity: 12,000 Over UPH
Field Proven, Excellent Cutting Quality

  • Drastic reduction of laser emissions

Capable of Processing Memory Cards and CSP Packages

Excellent Dust Collection Capability and Cleaning Function

Advanced Machine Features and Reliability

  • Easy-to-use graphical interface
  • Lower operating costs


Laser Ablation System: Model Laser Ablation – 3000


High Productivity

Field-Proven Precision Laser Cutting Equipment

  • High precision motion for ablation quality
  • Individual beam control feature
  • Excellent ablation laser performance for maximum quality and UPH

Excellent Dust Collection and Cleaning Capability

  • High power dust collecting system
  • Unique dust collecting design
  • Ultrasonic cleaning capability

Supreme Vision Inspection

  • High pixel resolution enables more precise measurement
  • Optimized lighting system