HANMI is a recognized leader in vision inspection systems for their innovation and cost effectiveness.  Contact an NDC International sales representative today for a complete list of vision inspection offerings or to get a quote.

NDCI HANMI Vision Inspection System 3000R

3D Vision Inspection: Model 3000 & 3000R


High productivity

  • 1000,000 UPH (Based on dry run)
  • Flexibility & quick changover
    • various off-loading options
    • multi-rehject sorting options
    • Handles all types of packages
    • Universal picker

Excellent 3D vision inspection technology

  • PMP (phase measurement profilometry technology
  • 3D mapping function
  • Best inspection accuracy by Actual Volume Scanning on objects
  • Solution for warpage & coplanarity inspection

Most advanced vision inspection

  • Capable to hanle for BGA, QFN, LEADED camera module, TMV & WLP packages

Package side inspection (optional)

  • Enables you to inspect package cutting surface (QFN, QLP, MLP, MLF, LFCSP, Camera mode.)


3D Vision Inspection: Model HP-120


Latest Innovation in Vision Inspection Technology

  • True 3D inspection using PMP (Phase Measurement Profilometry) technology
  • 3-Dimensional mapping function
  • Maintains high throughput at 100% inspection
  • Superior inspection accuracy
  • Solution for warpage and coplanarity inspection

Package Side Inspection (optional)

  • Able to inspect package cutting surface through additional side inspection module (QFN, QLP, MLP, MLF, LFCSP, Camera Module)

High Productivity UPH: 50,000 (based on 540 units)

World’s #1 “Pick and Place” Package Handling System

  • Offers outstanding reliability and productivity

Minimum Package Size: 3 x 3 or Less (both QFN and BGA in tray)

Automatic Image Save and Statistical Process Control (SPC)

PC Based Easy-to-Use, Real-Time Graphical Interface

Detailed Maintenance Guide on LCD Touch Screen Monitor