Established in 1988, FA Systems Automation is a progressive and well-established organization providing advanced, high-precision manufacturing automation equipment and solutions to meet our customers’ requirements.

NDC International offers select fully automated FA Systems laser marking systems. See our current offerings below.


Fully Automated Laser Marking System: Model LM-902CD


Handles All Semiconductor Packages

Vision Inspection Capability to Ensure Marking Quality and Integrity

  • Optional 2-D matrix vision inspection capability

Separate Vision Systems to Check Quality at Different Phases of Production

User-Friendly Machine Interface

Capable of Handling Strips in Slotted / Stacked Magazine and In-Line

Programmable Servo-Driven Strip Indexing System

Rapid Product Conversion (15 mins. or less)

Dual Headed Laser Marking Unit

  • Offers high accuracy and easy integration with all major laser brands