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NDC International (NDCI) can help you build the manufacturing capacity you need for future growth using one central resource. NDCI is a company with a new approach to offering turnkey solutions for our clients. Learn More.

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NDC International has served companies like you – in the business of manufacturing electronic equipment – since 2003. We are distributors of manufacturing equipment for semiconductor packaging, handling and assembly. Learn more.

Two New Products Hit Big at IMAPS 2016

NDC International and Neu Dynamics Corporation recently attended the 49th Annual International Symposium on Microelectronics in Pasadena, California on October 11th and 12th, 2016. The show was very successful… Read More

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Leading Ag-Sintering Technologies from Boschman

Boschman has been leading the way in sintering technologies since 2014 when they introduced the groundbreaking Sinterstar Innovate-F-XL. The company, based in the Netherlands, specializes in advanced transfer molding and sintering systems. NDC International represents Boschman Advanced Packaging Technologies in the Eastern United States. Ag-Sintering Improves Performance & Longevity New technologies have been developed to…
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Maximize Your Productivity with the HANMI Wafer micro SAW

HANMI’s innovative micro SAW line was launched in 2021 and now offers 8 models! For our customers specializing in wafer dicing and package/panel cutting, the HANMI wafer micro saw is of particular interest because of its incredible accuracy and ease of use.  This full-automation micro SAW for wafer cutting is a standalone 12-inch model that…
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HANMI’s TC Bonder Line Continues Expansion

HANMI is always at the leading edge of innovation.  That’s why we were not surprised that they were among the first companies to develop a TC bonder (thermal compression bonder).  These machines, which bond individual chips on processed wafers, are in increasing demand driven by the introduction of high-bandwidth memory (HBM) and DDR5. DUAL TC…
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