NDC International offers the world’s leading pick and place machines for packaging including vision placement systems.

With over 80% world-wide market share, HANMI Semiconductor can provide multiple solutions for your pick and place equipment needs including vision placement applications such as BGA, QFN, MLP and large PCB’s.

We offer the following vision placement systems:

NDCI HANMI Vision Placement 20000DA+

Vision Placement System: Model 20000 DA+


Individual operation dual chuck sawing process

  • Two separate cutting chuck tables
  • Remarkable reduction of sawing delay time & unloading time

Casting body for high durability & minimum vibration

Small unit handling

  • High stability for pick and place automation
  • High precise & accurate handling for small packages

Supreme vision inspection

  • Variety of inspection items with high performance vision system
  • Capable of 3D vision inspection (optional)


Vision Placement System: Model 20000 D


High Productivity: 20,000 UPH

Individually Operating Dual Chuck Sawing Process

Multiple Unit Handling System

Automatic Picker Pitch – Adjustment Function

  • High pick-up stability

Universal Unit Picker Pad

  • Innovative solution for zero ball margin unit for BGA and BOC

World’s #1 Technology in Sawing and Placement

  • Capable of handling 2 mm x 2 mm packages

Advanced Vision Inspection System

  • Various inspection functions using high resolution cameras

Enhanced Machine Features

  • Quick and easy conversion
  • Solution for handling warped substrate and bent tray
  • Minimum down time and jamming (MTBA: 2-5 hours)
  • Dual tray carrier system (no time delay in tray change)
  • Drastic reduction of machine vibration
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Precise unit placement accuracy (no drop and no tilt)
  • Easy-to-use graphical interface (touch screen)


Vision Placement System: Model 3500 F


Solution for Singulation of Large PCB Panels

  • Capable of handling max. 510 x 510 mm PCB panels

High Productivity

  • UPH: 5,000 (based on 50 units per panel)

Most Effective Cleaning

  • Reciprocal active brush cleaning
  • User selectable cleaning water temperatures

Machine Flexibility for Trays

  • Wet trays and dry JEDEC trays
  • Optional tray stacking capability

Advanced Vision Inspection System

  • 1st vision: package size and offset cut inspection
  • 2nd vision: 3-point vision positioning
  • Real-time inspection and mapping display with SPC data storage

Enhanced Machine Features

  • Automatic sorting function
  • Quick and easy change-over
  • Inline capability
  • Solution for warped PCB panel and bent tray
  • Dual transfer arm design
  • Low cost of ownership