ATI – founded in 1996 – is a global leader in the growing field of Metrology and Inspection. ATI specializes in Automated Metrology & Inspection Systems for global manufacturing companies with various applications such as Semiconductors, LED, PCB and the Photo-Voltaic Solar Industry.


WIND – Wafer Inspection

Wafer Macro Inspection

  • High throughput with dual lens system
  • Chip inspection after sawing
  • Kerf inspection
  • Advanced D2D algorithm using golden die extracted from neighboring 4 dies
  • Verifying review module included
  • Self-developed lens for wide field of view and good resolution
  • Real time auto focusing module adopted
  • Optional IR inspection to inspect defects, cracks and chippings inside silicon.

SUN – Mask Inspection
Reticle Macro Inspection

  • Particle inspection on all area of reticle:  – Pellicle, Pellicle Frame, Pattern, Backside
  • Multi scanning with vertical and oblique optical system
  • Inspection of various reticles with 1 recipe:
  • No prior work for each mask needed
  • Applicable to full automation
  • 0.5um pinhole/particle detection in non-pattern area
  • Optional function to distinguish particle position at top/bottom of pellicle
  • Verifying review module included

CYPRESS – Advanced Packaging Inspection
Die attach Inspection

  • 2D inspection with good resolution
  • 3D height measurement of the attached components
  • Multiple handling of various types of packaging
  • JEDEC tray, SUS tray, strip, etc.
  • IR optics for inspection through silicon
  • Optional stage heating
  • IR Inspection

LMS-5000/1000 – Laser Markers

  • IC Package Substrate Reject Marking /  2D Barcode & Serial No. Marking SysteM
  • Reject, 2D barcode and Serial Number Marking at once on Standard Machine.
  • Available for Electrolysis / Electroless / OSP Plating Products with ATI Specialized Marking Illumination.
  • High Marking Accuracy with 10um Resolution which is the Highest Resolution of Laser Marking Machine.
  • Able to Apply CO2, Green and UV Laser Depends on Customer Request.
  • Marking Accuracy : ±50um
  • Interleaf Handling Function (Optional)
  • Sorting Function (Optional)
  • 500 Wafer Laser Marking
  • 1000 Packaging/PCB Laser Marker