Master Machinery Corporation (MMC) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of automated equipment for the semiconductor industry including diodes, rectifiers and semiconductor process equipment and components.  MMC offers affordable custom automation.

Based in Taiwan, for over 20 years MMC has been a leading supplier of test-mark-tape (TMT) handlers, marking (ink or laser) and tape/reel machines, pick and place machines, and automated assembly equipment and tooling.  Their focus is on developing affordable and effective systems that meet current industry needs.

MMC offers the following systems:

  • Test Handlers
    • TMT Machines
    • Sorting Machines
    • Pick & Place Machines
  • Assembly Equipment & Tooling – Lead & Dice Loading Machines
  • Molding Autoloaders
  • Solder Dipping & Solder Die Bonders
  • Trim/Form Machines
  • Stand-Alone Marking Machines
  • Custom Designed Equipment

In addition, they offer the following die-sort machine options:

  • Bowl-feed to bulk bins, or tape/reel, or waffle pack (or combination of outputs)
  • Pick & place from cut wafer (on tape) to any of the above outputs
    • Using ink-dot recognition, and/or electrical test, and/or wafer maps
    • Vision inspection options available
  • Pick & place from waffle pack trays to any of the above outputs
    • Electrical test and vision inspection options available