Package Development by Boschman is a Dutch company focusing on highly innovative packaging solutions for MEMs, Sensors, Powers and IC’s. They provide a wide range of packaging services and support from concept-design to transfer to mass production.

Package Development by Boschman offers package technology research, package development, qualification, prototyping as well as small to medium volume manufacturing services. They can manufacture products in quantities of 10 to a few thousands using manual or semi-automatic processes. These parts can be used for qualification purposes and first end-user sampling.

For small/medium volume production, they offer production possibilities of a few thousand, to a maximum of 50,000 qualified products per month.

Package Development by Boschman serves the automotive, consumer, industrial, medical, optical and power markets.

Their core technologies include:

  • Film Assist Molding Technology with Dynamic Insert Technology
  • Ag Sintering with Dynamic Insert Technology
  • Through Polymer Via (TPV)

Boschman offers customers one point of contact for all packaging business. This unique approach ensures careful integration of all processes resulting in the most effective packaging solution and shortest time to market possible.