Boschman Expands Ag-Sinter Market Share

Boschman Technologies – recently re-branded as Boschman Advanced Packaging Technologies – just announced a milestone in the ag-sinter market for electrical vehicles.  NDC International represents Boschman, an innovative company founded in 1987 and located in the Netherlands.  Boschman is a high-end niche player within the semiconductor packaging equipment sector providing full production solutions specifically in transfer-molding and silver sintering die-attach, including package development and assembly services.

Boschman’s Proprietary Technologies Lead the Field

Over the years, their cutting-edge technologies and full-service solutions have made Boschman a “go to” partner in the ag-sinter market for electronic vehicles.  In 2014, Boschman was first to market with their proprietary manual industrial sinter platform – the Sinterstar Innovate-F-XL.  Over the next three years, Boschman continued to expand their offerings launching a robust line of fully automated machines, plus in-house support and assembly.  Growth accelerated rapidly in 2018 and now they are recognized by the leading companies in the field of automotive power electronics.

Boschman Hits Market Share Milestone

Boschman recently reached a milestone of more than 40 installed systems and an estimated market share of over 75%!  In addition, they have received recent orders for ag-sinter equipment from ON-Semi, Siemens, Fraunhofer IZM, Fraunhofer IISB, and Robert Bosch.

In addition to ag-sintering and film-assist molding, Boschman also specializes in package development for power modules. We are proud to share that a number of large customers have partnered with Boschman to develop state-of-the-art power module packages and provide prototypes.  Boschman is definitely the company to watch!

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