Boschman: Your Package Development Experts

We are proud to represent Boschman – the only semiconductor equipment company that has the skill and knowledge to offer Package Development among their services. Based in the Netherlands, Boschman has been a high-end niche player in the semiconductor packaging equipment industry since 1987.

What Makes Boschman Package Development Unique?

Boschman partners closely with their customers to provide innovative and customized advanced package designs. They bring a unique level of expertise:

  • Unrivaled experience in a wide range of leading-edge packages and assembly solutions
  • Thorough knowledge of advanced processes and materials
  • Deep knowledge of micro assembly processes and best practices to allow you to ramp up manufacturing with minimal iterations and cost
  • Expertise in pressurized sintering, transfer molding, power modules, MEMS and sensor
  • Partially or fully customized packages to meet your performance and reliability standards
  • One point of contact for all packaging business

Boschman provides package development solutions to satisfied clients across a wide range of industries including:

  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Military/Avionics
  • Mobile
Boschman’s Package Development Services

If you are looking for a soup to nuts solution to your package development needs, Boschman is here to help. They offer everything from research, to design, to prototyping in a collaborative process that will culminate in efficient high-yield production.

The process begins with a thorough Package Conceptualization in which critical design points are investigated using flow analysis, stress and thermal FEM simulations. Then Package Design details are defined and the assembly risks and technology pros and cons versus cost are examined. Finally, through Prototyping & Sampling Boschman provides proof that the concept works and delivers packaged products according to the initial specs.


Boschman’s process for package development will dovetail seamlessly with your APQP.

Fastest Time to Market

We think you will agree that Boschman’s approach is highly innovative and that their careful monitoring and integration of all processes ensures the most effective and efficient packaging solution in as short a time to market as possible. Their motto: “Smaller, Better and Lower Cost, We Realize the Best Package for Your Product”.

Contact Kevin Hartsoe today at (215) 355-2460 to learn more about Boschman’s package development services!
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