NDC’s Contract Molding Team is Here to Help

For over 20 years Neu Dynamics Corporation (NDC) has been offering a level of expertise in contract molding services that sets us above the rest!  We have a dedicated Contract Molding Team that is ready to assist you in achieving your needs on schedule, at the lowest possible price and with the best quality materials.  NDC provides a unique combination of technology and experience in the design and production of precision molds and dies for the medical, semiconductor, automotive, electronics and plastics industries.

Let our Experienced Team Take on Your Toughest Contract Molding Challenge

Our dedicated Contract Molding Team offers best-in-class technologies and service.  Here are a few examples of how our contract molding team has met customer needs recently:

  • A long-time customer came to Neu Dynamics with a very serious problem. They were out of capacity for a critical part and needed us to quickly ramp up to meet their demand. Our team worked rotating schedules so we could maximize press time. They worked closely, meeting with the Customer Quality Team to learn how to mold the best possible product. Our team understands how important good customers are and they are willing to go the extra mile to make sure our customers are happy.
  • Our team also offers incredible flexibility. Customers often ship in PCBs for anywhere from 5 to 40 parts and our team can literally turn that around in 2 to 3 days.
  • We are a top choice for clients looking for expertise in insert molding. Many customers come to us specifically for our team’s insert molding experience.  If you have contract molding projects that require threaded inserts, core pins or connectors, our team has the know-how for these very specific applications.

Our Contract Molding Capabilities

We offer a range of tool sizes from prototype hand molds to multi-cavity production molds, providing turnkey services to design manufacturing molds to your exact needs.iso

  • Thermoset Transfer Molding:
    • NDC offers low to high-volume contract molding services for thermoset transfer molding, as well as short run injection molding.
    • Our services include mold prototyping and prototype design and development.
    • Our full transfer molding lab can handle a range of tool sizes from prototype hand molds to multi-cavity production molds.
    • See our list of molding equipment here.
    • We have the ability to mold high-tolerance parts and packages using all the latest thermoset molding materials including standard black epoxy, clear optical compound and green epoxy.
    • We are very experienced in molding sensitive semiconductor and electronic devices and packages.itar
  • Rapid Tooling Prototyping:
    • We also have the ability to execute rapid tooling prototyping models.
    • We can turn your concept into reality with stereolithography SLA rapid prototyping and precision machining.
    • Our experienced team can provide a short run of molded parts using our in-house lab facilities.

Our goal is to realize your needs with the highest quality materials, in a timely fashion and at the lowest price possible. We provide full in-house services backed by 20 years of experience along with impeccable customer service.

Contact Mark Sullivan at (215) 355-2460 to discuss your needs!

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified and an ITAR compliant shop.

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