Contract Molding Services

Neu Dynamics Corporation (NDC) has been offering contract molding services for over 20 years.  NDC provides a unique combination of technology and experience in the design and production of precision molds and dies for the medical, semiconductor, automotive, electronics and plastics industries. We offer a range of tool sizes from prototype hand molds to multi-cavity production molds, providing turnkey services to design manufacturing molds to your exact needs. Our goal is to realize your needs with the highest quality materials, in a timely fashion and at the lowest price possible.

Thermoset Transfer Molding

NDC offers low to high volume contract molding services for thermoset transfer molding, as well as short run injection molding. Neu Dynamics can provide molding services using your mold, or provide full turnkey services to design, manufacture and run a new mold built to your specifications. We offer mold prototyping and prototype design and development.

Our full transfer molding lab can handle a range of tool sizes from prototype hand molds to multi-cavity production molds.  Our molding equipment includes:iso

  • Fujiwa 90 Ton
  • Lauffer 190 Ton
  • Lauffer 83 Ton
  • Hull 15 Ton
  • Hull 15 Ton (for optical clear compound)
  • Fuji Preheaters (two)
  • I. mecs Preheater (one)itar
  • Post Cure Oven
  • Hydraulic Trim/Form Presses (10 ton & 15 ton)
  • Mold Compound Storage Freezers (6 total; 3 sub-zero)
  • Measuring/Inspection Equipment

Neu Dynamics has the ability to mold high-tolerance parts and packages using all the latest thermoset molding materials including standard black epoxy, clear optical compound and green epoxy. We are very experienced in molding sensitive semiconductor and electronic devices and packages. Careful handling and ESD precautions are exercised when dealing with delicate parts. Pre and post-mold bake capabilities are available and sub-zero storage of your molding material is provided. Lot control and laser marking services can be coordinated per your job requirements.

Rapid Tooling Prototyping

We also have the ability to execute rapid tooling prototyping models. We can turn your concept into reality with stereolithography SLA rapid prototyping and precision machining.

  • After initial computer models are approved, we program the high-precision machining center.
  • Our experienced team will then provide a short run of molded parts using our in-house lab facilities.

With You Every Step of the Way

From idea to industrialization, NDC is a valued and trusted resource in providing full in-house services and expertise along with impeccable customer service.

Contact Mark Sullivan at (215) 355-2460 to discuss our contract molding capabilities!

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified and an ITAR compliant shop.

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