We’re Taking on the EV Market!

Neu Dynamics and NDC International were recently featured in an article in MoldMaking Technology by Christina Fuges entitled, “Thermoset Mold Builder Takes on the EV Market.”  The article highlights our unique capabilities and depth of experience.  With the explosion of the EV market globally, there is a huge increase in the need for tooling and systems used in EV manufacturing.  From device encapsulation to silver sintering die attach, we are uniquely positioned to offer turnkey solutions.

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Neu Dynamics & NDC International – Sisters in Your Success

With over 45 years of experience and strong relationships in the electronic and semiconductor industries, our sister companies are well-equipped to provide a complete solution that will exceed your expectations in terms of service and quality.

The key to your success is our experience!  When you’ve been creating molds for over 45 years you tend to get it right.  Recently a large customer of ours was astonished when the first mold that we built for them was successful out of the gate.  No leakage!  Our expertise is your biggest advantage.

Why Work with Us?

Our capabilities are truly unique in that we offer a complete solution.  Decades of experience in creating molds, plus the right presses, the automation expertise and the trusted partners and experience to mold the parts.

Neu Dynamics offers mold manufacturing and molding services out of our shop in the US where we can test molds and processes in our facility.  Other companies in this arena that we compete with can only offer tooling and prototyping in Asia.

We are your top choice for EV market and electronic encapsulation technology.

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Check out the complete article here.

With permission from Gardner Business Media. MoldMaking Technology 2021.

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