Film Assisted Molding Technologies for BioMEMS

If you read our last blog you know that Yole Développement is forecasting significant growth in the bioMEMS market predicting growing from $3.7 billion in 2019 to $6.3 billion by 2025.

BioMEMS are sensors and microfluidic devices that are integrated into medical equipment utilizing micro-sensors, transducers, actuators, and electronic components.  They are frequently used in in vitro diagnostic (IVD) and other life science applications.

Boschman’s Film Assisted Molding Technologies for BioMEMS

Boschman Advanced Packaging Technologies is uniquely positioned to offer best-in-class technologies for bioMEMS.  As a representative of Boschman’s, Neu Dynamics is proud to recommend their Film Assisted Molding (FAM) technology. Based in the Netherlands, Boschman has been a high-end niche player within the semiconductor packaging equipment industry since 1987.  Known for innovation, they have developed several patented technologies that provide state-of-the-art solutions including their proprietary Dynamic Insert Control Technology.  If you are looking for improved package quality, the ability to create open packages and packages with exposed areas down to 300 micron (versus 500 micron with conventional techniques) then read on!

Improved Package Quality with Film Assisted Molding

Film assisted molding – one of Boschman’s proprietary technologies – is a variation on the transfer molding process that employs one or two Teflon-based films in the mold before lead frames are encapsulated.  Prior to loading products into the mold, the film is pulled by vacuum down to the inner surface of the mold (gates, cavities and runners).  Then the typical transfer mold encapsulation steps occur; mold material is liquefied by heat and pressure, forced into mold cavities and additional heat and pressure cause it to cure. The mold is opened, products released, the vacuum is removed and the film is renewed – ready to start a new cycle.


The benefits of film assisted molding include:

  • No sticky molding compound on metal surfaces
  • Encapsulated products more easily release from the mold
  • No mold cleaning is required reducing operational cost
  • Longer service life due to less wear since the film cushions mold parts
  • Superior production efficiency
  • Allows creation of windowed packages by using dynamic inserts in the bottom and/or top mold

There are four different process configurations with film assisted molding:

  1. Seal Film Technology (SFT): Utilizes a deformable seal film that is perfect for covering 3D mold cavities
  2. Adhesive Film Technology (AFT): Utilizes non-deformable polyester-type adhesive film to protect one flat side from being encapsulated, for example metal contacts
  3. SFT-SFT: Utilizes sealing film on both sides of the product (applicable for lead frame-mounted chips requiring package structuring on both sides)
  4. AFT-SFT: Utilizes seal film on one side and adhesive on the other (applicable for array packaging and leadless parts)

Patented Dynamic Insert Control (DIT) Technology

Film assisted molding, when utilized together with Boschman’s Dynamic Insert Control (DIT) Technology, is a game changer for bioMEMS applications.  DIT allows windows or exposed areas to be created through transfer molding package encapsulation by dynamically controlling pressure on one or multiple surfaces while adjusting for differences in height and tilt. This is of key importance for bioMEMS and allows you to produce very specific package designs that would not be possible otherwise.


Boschman’s Film Assisted Molding Systems

Boschman offers 2 categories of FAM systems.  First, for R&D, prototyping and low-volume production the Unistar Innovate series.  Second, for efficient, high-quality medium- to high-volume production the Unistar Inline and Unistar Auto series.

Unistar Innovate Series

  • Universal semi-automatic molding system designed for practically any kind of package.
  • Appropriate for research, development, process optimization, qualification runs and small to medium-sized production runs.
  • System handles test molds, 1-strip molds and 2-strip molds.
  • Works with lead frame, substrate and ceramic carriers as well as individual modules.
  • Equipped with Boschman’s Film Assisted Molding technology.
  • Capacity for carriers up to 75 x 255 mm.

Unistar Inline and Unistar Auto

  • Fully automatic 2- or 4-strip Film Assisted Molding system designed for advanced MEMs, sensors, power, QFN and BQA packages.
  • Suitable for lead frames, substrates and ceramic carriers as well as individual modules up to 100×300 mm.
  • Equipped with Boschman’s double Film Assisted Molding technologies.

Contact Kevin Hartsoe or Don Johnson at (215) 355-2460 to learn more!

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