FA Systems Laser Enclosures Exceed Expectations

NDC International has long offered systems from FA Systems Automation (FASA). Based in Singapore and established in 1988, FA Systems Automation serves the global semiconductor industry offering customized manufacturing solutions. Their flexible manufacturing systems are designed to be adaptable to changes in the product giving manufacturers an advantage in a rapidly changing manufacturing environment. FASA’s mission is to deliver value to their customers by consistently producing high-quality, cost-effective solutions with the lowest cost of ownership and highest yield and uptime.

The latest offering from FA Systems is their new Laser Mark Enclosure.

Cost-Effective Laser Mark Enclosures for High-Volume Manufacturing

If you are in the market for a high-powered and intelligent laser system to perform laser marking, look no further!  The FA Systems Automation Laser Mark Enclosure is safe, compact and versatile.  It is developed to meet individual marking needs and can mark a broad range of materials and formats.

The systems specifications include:

Control System:

  • PC Control Platform
  • LCD Monitor

Handling System:

  • Pre-Loading Protection Feature
  • Optional: X, Y, Z & Theta Axis Movable when choosing the Keyence 3-Axis Hybrid Laser Marker (more info here)
  • Optional: Vision Assisted Alignment

Vision Measurement/Inspections:

  • Reference Point Detection
  • Marking Edge Inspection
  • Marking Location Inspection

Machine Footprint:  1455mm (L) X 1200mm (W) X 2470mm (H)

Standard Platform Weight: Approximately 500 Kg

Facilities Requirement:

  • Power supply: single-phase, 230 VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Air Inlet: Ø8 mm tube
Laser Mark Enclosure Advantages

The Laser Mark Enclosures from FA Systems Automation provide many unique features and advantages.  The company’s decades of experience shine through in the system’s accuracy, ease of use, reduced downtime and high productivity.

Advantages and features include:

  • Small footprint and modular design
  • High throughput
  • Optional vision inspection capability that ensures marking integrity and quality
  • Easy to learn, user-friendly machine interface
  • Quick and easy maintenance reduces machine downtime
  • A wide range of marking formats including DPM of alphanumeric, part numbers, serial numbers, lot and date codes, 2D barcode, schematics, logos, graphics and more
  • True type and custom fonts depending on the laser brand

FASA’s Laser Mark Enclosures are an excellent cost-effective solution resulting in low cost of ownership for high-volume manufacturing.  With attractive features, improved quality, reduced cost, productivity improvement and high UPH, this system will exceed your expectations.

Looking for a Laser Mark Enclosure?  Give Don Johnson a call today at 215-355-2460!
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