Best-In-Class Manual Wire Bonders from MPP

MPP (Micro Point Pro LTD) has been a leading supplier of wire bonding machinery for over 40 years!  MPP has a long-standing reputation for precision, innovation and quality.  They offer wire bonding tools, high-precision expendable tools, probe head solutions, and special coatings for the semiconductor and microelectronic device assembly industry.  NDC International proudly represents the MPP line of manual wire bonders in the USA, Mexico and Canada.

Why Choose MPP Manual Wire Bonders?

MPP is a leader in the industry offering best-in-class products and excellent global customer support.  Their latest line is the iBond5000 Series which combines an advanced graphic user interface with their long-proven mechanical design.  The machine features a control interface with a TFT touch screen.  For those that prefer working with knobs, an analog panel can also be attached for that purpose.

  • Main control board based on Cortex A9 Dual-Core CPU
  • Runs at a speed of 1GHz
  • Windows CE-based operating system
  • Controlled using a 7” 600 x 800 TFT touch screen

The user can easily save and load profiles and the system comes with factory preconfigured profiles for ease of use.

The iBond5000 Series is primarily used for Optoelectronic Modules, Hybrids/MCMs, Microwave Products, Discrete Devices/Lasers, Chip-on-Boards, Leads, Sensors and High-Power Devices.

MPP iBond5000 Series Manual Wire Bonders

The iBond5000 Series consists of three basic units:  Wedge, Ball and Dual.  This series provides high yield and excellent repeatability.  It is an excellent choice for all applications including process development, production, research, or for added manufacturing support.

IBond5000 Manual Wedge Wire Bonder

Advanced Wedge Bonder

Features:  Designed for aluminum wire, gold wire, ribbon and copper.  Large 5.3” x 5.3” bonding area.  Bonding types include wedge, tab, stitch and ribbon.  Advanced wedge automatic wire re-feed.

IBond5000 Ball Wire Bonder

Advanced Ball Bonder

Features:  Consistent ball size via negative electronic flame-off, missing ball detection and auto-stop. Ball bonding, bumping, coining, security bond and tab.

IBond5000 Dual Ball and Wedge Wire Bonder

Advanced Convertible Wedge and Ball Bonder

Features:  Enables fine aluminum and gold wire wedge or ribbon bonding. For gold or copper ball bonding, the system features a Patented N-EFO to generate the ball bond and swing arm assembly to provide simplified changeover between bonding modes.

Best in Class Manual Wire Bonders

We highly recommend MPP’s iBond5000 Series.  Our customers enjoy the added value that doing business with MPP – a company with over 40 years of wire bonding experience – provides.  Including:

  • Install base of 9000+ machines worldwide
  • Global support & service
  • Overall product-application-bonding tools support
  • Short delivery time

 We would love to discuss your manual wire bonding needs.  Contact Don Johnson at (215) 355-2460 today!

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