NDCI Adds ATI, Air Vac & MMC to Product Portfolio

It is with great pleasure NDC International announces 3 new additions to our product portfolio. The new products allow NDC International to continue to expand and service our customer base with continued support.

ATI NDCI portfolio



Founded in 1996 ATI has specialized in Automated Metrology, Inspection System (AOI) and Bio Lab automation for various markets, such as semiconductors, LED, PCB and Photo-Voltaic Solar and Bio medical markets.

NDCI will be representing their Microarray dispenser for Bio medical segment.



Air-Vac Engineering NDCI portfolio


Air-Vac Company
Founded in 1960, Air-Vac Engineering Company has been an innovator and a developer of vacuum technology for high-speed die fabrication. Over the years Air-Vac continued to grow in various area including automaton for the both the micro-electronics and SMT.

In the mid 2000 Air-Vac introduced the ONYX500 Cell, a multi-functional production platform with a wide range of capabilities supporting application for the Photonics, Semiconductors, MEMS, Bio-Technology and Electronics markets.

The ONYX500 platform is available as a table top model designed for labs or prototypes development or as a stand-alone production cell configurations designed for high volume manufacturing.

The automation product line with the most recent introduction of the IC Series of production platforms. The system supports multiple heads or motion axis and can be incorporated into a single cabinet unit. Featured examples can include transport systems, wafer ejectors, stack tray loaders, dispensers, eutectic ovens, feeders, shuttles, and flippers.

Master Machinery Corp NDCI portfolio


Founded in 1997 and with 20 years of manufacturing experience for the semiconductor market, MMC equipment is utilized in all leading manufacturing counties worldwide.

MMC Master Machinery Corp. is a manufacturer custom automation equipment,e as well as a supplier of Diodes, Rectifier and Semiconductor process equipment and components. MMC offers a unique benefit to Diodes, Rectifier and Semiconductors manufacturers in the industrial workplace. Automation Equipment includes Testing-Marking-Tapping systems, sorting, die bonding, custom automation, Furnaces, Evaporators and etching equipment.


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