Neu Dynamics at iMaps New England

The iMAPS New England 45th Symposium & Expo will be held on May 1, 2018 in Boxborough, Massachusetts.  The theme is “Into the Future Autonomously” and the Symposium will feature a keynote by Chris Jacobs the Vice President of Autonomous Transportation & Safety at Analog Devices, Incorporated.  Come join us and learn more about the challenges and innovations of autonomous transport.

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Stop By Booth 104 to Meet Experts from Boschman Technologies

Neu Dynamics will be in the sold-out exhibit hall in booth #104.  Stop by and say hello!  You may have heard that we are now representing Boschman Technologies.  We will have with us two representatives from the company:  Eef Boschman, Managing Director (Boschman Technologies/APC) and Patrick Huberts, US Country Manager (Boschman Technologies /APC).  Bring your questions for our experts from Boschman.

About Boschman Technologies

Boschman Technologies – based in the Netherlands – offers unique process and equipment solutions for the global semiconductor industry and related markets.

Film Assist Molding

Film-Assisted Molding is a collection of Boschman’s proprietary technologies that are essentially a variation on the transfer molding process. Their Film-Assisted Molding process uses either one or two plastic films to “assist” in the mold. Before the products to be encapsulated are loaded into the mold, the film is drawn down into the inner surfaces of the mold.  This is followed by the usual transfer molding process, however the resulting encapsulated products are more easily released from the mold, metal surfaces are kept free of sticky molding compound and there is less wear on mold parts yielding longer service life.

Sintering Systems

Silver Sintering is a new die attach technology offering a void-free and strong bond with high thermal and electrical conductivity. This results in high yield and high reliability. Ag sintering is applicable to a wide range of different devices including led, power, igbt, qfn, clip/heatsink, thyristor and custom designed power devices.

Boschman offers two Sintering Systems:

Sinterstar Innovate-F-XL

  • The most universal semi-automatic sintering system for all your green, lead-free die attach technologies
  • Sinters a wide range of different devices including led, power, igbt, qfn, clip/heatsinks, thyristor and custom designed power module devices
  • Offers the largest sinter area (350 x 270 mm) and precise temperature control up to 320 C
  • Unique high-precision dynamic-insert pressure-control technologies allow you to sinter multiple dies with different die thicknesses resulting in a controlled and predictable bond strength
  • Top film protection


Inline-F-XL / Inline-F-XL-HC / Auto-F-XL-HC

  • Fully-automatic Ag sintering systems offering the absolute highest throughput available on the market
  • Capable of sintering a wide range of different devices: LEDs, Power Devices Clip/heatsinks assemblies, solar (CVP) cells, custom designed power modules and more
  • Largest sinter area – 350 x 270 mm
  • Precise process-control and monitoring
  • Systems can be equipped with a large variety of sintering tool concepts
Packaging Services

Boschman’s Advanced Packaging Center (APC) provides a wide range of packaging services.  They offer package technology research, package development, qualification, prototyping as well as small to medium volume manufacturing services. APC can also help you transfer from prototyping to mass production for mems, Sensors and advanced IC.

Meet the experts from Boschman at the Neu Dynamics Booth #104!
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