HANMI’s Package Singulation Saw – The micro SAW P2101

HANMI’s Rapid Development of the micro SAW Line

Founded in Korea in 1980, HANMI Semiconductor has grown to become a top developer and manufacturer of semiconductor manufacturing equipment.  They enjoy the highest reputation grounded in their focus on quality improvement, efficiency, R&D, innovative technologies and service.

NDC has been representing HANMI for decades!  It has been exciting to watch the rapid development of their micro SAW line these last years.  They originally announced the micro SAW at 2022 Semicon Taiwan exhibition. Since then, they opened a new micro SAW R&D Center at their headquarters in Incheon, South Korea.  They now have 6 saw types in their micro SAW Line! They include Wafer, Tape, Micro LED, Package, Panel and Glass.

Advantages of the micro SAW P2101

The micro SAW P2101 was developed as a package singulation saw intended for customers needing to singulate their packages, such as BGA’s, QFN’s, MAP’s, etc., from strips.  The 10” dual chuck makes it the perfect system for simultaneous cutting with independent individual chuck tables and blades.  The system provides short cycle times with optimized alignment, intelligent pattern matching, post cutting alignment and auto jig teaching.

This cutting-edge system offers several advantages:

  • Maximized Productivity: Active motion profiles, short cycle times and optimized alignment deliver maximum productivity.
  • Super-Precision Accuracy: Several features including a super casting iron, individual cutting paths, post-cutting alignment, intelligent pattern matching and auto jig teaching assure the highest accuracy.
  • Proven Stability: Reliability is paramount. That’s why this system offers auto strip protection, target search editor, all-around water detection, smart vacuum pump, scrap water slide and more.
  • User Convenience: Many features assure ease of use including auto dressing, smart cutting sequences, 8 channels, auto search and write, individual velocity control, cutting simulator, etc.

In addition, HANMI’s unprecedented Manufacturer’s Warranty on the micro SAW line is the icing on the cake.  They are so confident in these systems that they are offering a 2-Year Warranty!

Is the micro SAW P2101 Right for You?

Check out the specifications for the P2101 below.


Six Models in the HANMI micro SAW Line

With 6 models to choose from, HANMI has just the right machine for your application.  Each model offers the core advantages listed above backed by HANMI’s reputation for excellence and innovation.

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