Packaging & Assembly Trends for Next Generation Power Modules

Our friends at Boschman shared their insights and perspectives on trends in Power Modules as we enter 2023:

The global energy transition is driving much higher electrification levels, affecting the entire energy system from generation to transmission and consumption.

Power modules are one of the critical building blocks for the “electric revolution.” Power modules make the entire electric eco-system more efficient, reliable, cost effective and smarter. Currently, the automotive industry is pioneering these technologies with the advent of electric vehicles, but it is expected that these technologies will see quick and widespread adoption throughout other sectors in the energy system.

For these high-power applications, the conventional semiconductor material – Silicon (Si) – is reaching its physical limits in terms of power density, switching frequency, operating temperature and breakdown voltage. As a result, the industry is moving to next generation semiconductor materials, so called Wide-Bandgap materials (WBG) to replace Silicon (Si) such as Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN).

While these materials offer breakthrough properties, they are not a direct replacement in that they essentially require all new designs, materials and processes to deal with higher temperatures and offer better thermal resistance, performance and reliability. Specifically, for back-end semiconductor packaging:

1. Pressure Sintering (to replace and overcome thermal limitations of tin solders using Ag or Cu material)
• Die to substrate bonding
• Topside die contact bonding (Spacer, DTS, Clip, Flip-Chip)
• Top side AMB/DBC sinter bonding for double side contact/cooling
• Package Attach Sinter (sinter bonding the package to a cooler 1 or 2 sides)

2. Epoxy Molding (to replace and overcome thermal limitations of silicone gel)
• Power module single side exposed AMB/DBC (single side cooled)
• Power module single side exposed AMB/DBC with top side signal and/or power contact
• Power module double side exposed (double side cooled)
• Power module with integrated Pinfin structure (single side cooled)
• Discrete power single or double side exposed

Boschman has pioneered both processes with early adopters in the industry and has positioned itself as the market leader for both Pressure Sintering and Selective Molding.

-Huub Claassen, Business Development Manager at Boschman Technologies

Neu Dynamics is proud to represent Boschman – and bring you their unique level of expertise.

Based in the Netherlands, Boschman has been a high-end niche player in the semiconductor packaging equipment industry since 1987. They partner closely with their customers to provide innovative and customized advanced package designs. Due to their business model of offering both Development Services + Industrial Equipment, they are uniquely positioned to ‘connect the dots’ between new designs and high-volume manufacturing requirements.

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