Boschman Package Development – Leaders in SiC Power Modules

Boschman Package Development is a Dutch company that develops industry-defining packaging solutions for MEMs, sensors, power devices and medical/optical products. They provide a wide range of services and support from concept-design, to transfer, to mass production. NDC International represents Boschman Package Development in the Eastern United States.

Boschman – Leader in Silver Sintering Technology

Boschman was first to introduce an industrial sinter press to the market.  Boschman Package Development partnered with leading material suppliers to pioneer the pressurized sinter process that is used in automotive power electronics.  When Boschman co-developed the next generation SiC MOSFET-based inverters for a leading EV brand, it was heralded as top news for the power semiconductor and SiC communities.  It was an exciting development cycle with all new processes and little infrastructure for this visionary technology at a time when the reliability of SiC and sintering had not yet been proven.

The higher power densities and efficiencies of SiC are revolutionizing the industry, pioneered by Automotive. The higher operating temperatures of SiC (>175C) require new designs from the ground up with new materials and processes to enable the benefits of SiC – resulting in 5-10% more efficient electric powertrains to extend driving range or save battery weight and cost. The higher upfront cost of SiC is offset by lighter and overall more efficient designs, ultimately slashing costs of electric vehicles by $2000 (ref. Goldman Sachs). Boschman’s unique value proposition “from idea to industrialization” is helping the industry to overcome challenges with the designs and high-volume manufacturing of the upcoming design qualifications.

Ag-Sintering Today: Cost & Reliability

Now 3 years later, the performance and stability of Ag-Sintering have been established and these once visionary technologies are providing high yield and reliability to a wide range of customers.  Boschman is the industry leader in silver sintering equipment offering 2 types of solutions:

  • Semi-Automatic – Sinterstar Innovate Series: Best suited to R&D, prototyping and low-volume production. Boschman’s unique high-precision dynamic insert pressure-control technologies allow you to sinter multiple dies with different die thicknesses resulting in controlled and predictable bond strength.
  • Automatic – Sinterstar Inline & Auto: Offers efficient, high-quality medium to high-volume production. Boschman’s fully automatic systems offer the absolute highest throughput and largest sinter area on the market, coupled with precise process control and monitoring.

All systems can sinter a wide range of devices including LEDs, power devices clip/heatsinks assemblies, solar (CVP) cells, custom designed power modules and more.

Sinterstar Inline & Auto

The Sinterstar line-up includes 3 models of production systems.  Each one offers many options for efficiency, process control, fast change-over, productivity and quality assurance.  Extremely long tool life results in very low running costs.

Sinterstar Inline-F-XL

  • An economic sinter system.
  • Offers two external gripper systems for transporting the products automatically in and out of the sinter process area.

Sinterstar Inline-F-XL-HC

  • Can be integrated in your automated assembly line.
  • Equipped with preheating and cooling stations.

Sinterstar Auto-F-XL-HC

  • Stand-alone system works from cassette input to cassette output.
  • Equipped with preheating and cooling stations.

Boschman’s systems offer a wide range of solutions for your needs.

Put Ag-Sintering to work for you!  Contact Kevin Hartsoe at (215) 355-2460.


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