Budatec’s Innovative Vacuum Soldering Systems

Budatec GmbH has over 30 years of experience in vacuum soldering technology. Based in Berlin, they offer vacuum soldering and sintering systems ranging from small R&D to fully automated systems. They have a global distribution network focusing on North America, Europe and Japan.

With the advent of power electronics, laser and CPV applications, a new generation of systems for vacuum soldering and sintering were needed. Budatec’s innovative systems have filled that niche and garnered them 80% of worldwide market share. They specialize in vacuum soldering and solder-free sintering systems with hard and soft tools.

Budatec is a technology leader serving the semiconductor, photovoltaic, automotive and medical industries worldwide. As well, their systems are essential at numerous research institutions where they support the implementation of new technologies.

Vacuum Soldering for Flawless Joints

The power density of today’s advanced electronic components is constantly increasing and solder connections must be capable of withstanding this increase. Voids caused by gases in the solder connections compromise the integrity of the components. Vacuum soldering is a form of convection soldering that produces a flawless joint. It eliminates the imperfections (voids, pores) that can occur when flux and solvents escape from the soldered joint and cannot completely leave. With the help of the vacuum, process residues can escape in the preheating phase and in the liquidus phase of the solder producing few/no defects in the soldered joint. This improved quality results in application improvements over standard reflow soldering.

A Range of Vacuum Soldering Systems to Meet Your Needs

The VS Family includes four systems that meet every need from small, medium and large batch to fully automated production systems. Budatec’s systems will increase your yield in production and offer increased flexibility, expandability and ease of integration.

VS 160 S & VS 160 UG
  • Heating plate size: 160 mm x 160 mm
  • Offers highest performance with a small footprint due to its high heating and cooling rates in the range of 200 K/min
  • Uses:
    • Research & Development
    • The production of smaller batches under production conditions
  • Variations:
    • Available as a VS 160 S (benchtop) and as a VS 160 UG (with a base frame). This makes it possible to integrate additional options such as a vacuum pump or HCOOH gas line.
VS 320
  • Heating plate size: 320 mm x 320 mm
  • Offers high achievable performance
  • Uses:
    • Research & Development
    • Production of medium and large batches
  • Variations:
    • Options such as hydrogen (concentration adjustable up to 100 %), HCOOH, special gases, microwave plasma and the integration of our sintering press.
VS 320 i
  • Heating plate size: 320 mm x 320 mm
  • Offers autonomous loading and unloading of product carriers. Based on the VS 320 with all available options.
  • Fully automatic inline vacuum brazing system that is flexible and simple to expand. Several technology steps can be integrated inline quickly and easily.
  • Heating plate size: 1000 mm x 320 mm
  • Uses: Processing large parts and large batches
  • Variations: In addition to the available options hydrogen (concentration adjustable up to 100 %), HCOOH and special gases as well as motor-driven manipulators can be integrated within the workspace.

 Sinter Presses Expand Your Possibilities

The company also offers two sintering machines that integrate into budatec vacuum soldering systems.

SP 60: Expands the VS 320 vacuum brazing system into a sinter press.
  • Produces sintered connections under inert or reduced atmospheres
  • Area of ​​up to 60 mm x 60 mm
  • Adjustable force of up to 15 kN
  • Provides significant improvement in the connection in terms of reliability and strength (multiplication of the shearing forces).
SP 300:  Fully automatic sintering press.
  • Sintered connections can be made under inert and reduced atmospheres
  • Area of ​​up to 220 mm x 180 mm
  • Adjustable force of up to 300 kN
  • Uses a combination of servo-electric drive and load cell so that the programmed force is set very quickly and very precisely within the entire range. Because there are no hydraulic components, the risk of uncontrolled oil leakage in the production area is eliminated.

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