Maximize Your Productivity with the HANMI Wafer micro SAW

HANMI’s innovative micro SAW line was launched in 2021 and now offers 8 models!

For our customers specializing in wafer dicing and package/panel cutting, the HANMI wafer micro saw is of particular interest because of its incredible accuracy and ease of use.  This full-automation micro SAW for wafer cutting is a standalone 12-inch model that cuts wafers attached to tapes.  HANMI has leveraged their four decades of experience in the semiconductor industry to create a product that delivers precision processing, vision and setting technology.

Wafer micro SAW W1121α Specifications

HANMI first unveiled the micro SAW W1121α at the 2023 Semicon China exhibition that took place in Shanghai. The machine offers a host of terrific features to maximize productivity and guarantee accuracy.  Plus, in a demonstration of confidence, HANMI is offering a 2-year warranty on all micro SAW equipment!  This is unheard of in the industry and signals their commitment to becoming the leading manufacturer of micro SAW equipment.


Superior Wafer Cutting Performance

The micro SAW W1121α offers you superior performance.  HANMI has incorporated features to assure maximum productivity, precision accuracy, superior stability and user convenience.

 Maximized Productivity:

  • Offering active motion profile capabilities, optimized alignment and short cycle time.
  • Return speed of the chuck table is 1.25 m/second which is 25% faster than competitive machines.
  • Reduced cycle time for the sawing process (UPH Up) maximizes your productivity.

Precision Accuracy:

  • An ultra-fast and high-resolution camera produces superior accuracy and UPH.
  • Combining bigger FOV and high-resolution camera inspection means there is no limit on package size and target size.
  • Using multiple channels of RGB LED light creates the best conditions for accuracy.
  • One single camera which can zoom in/out for ease of maintenance and convenience.
  • Other accuracy features include: Super Casting Iron, Intelligent Pattern Matching, Individual Cutting Path, Auto Jig Teaching, Post Cutting Alignment

 Superior Stability:

  • Features include all-around water detection, auto wafer flow optimization, auto strip protection and scrap water slide.
  • Plus: Smart Vacuum Pump, Intelligent Jig Teaching Calibration, Target Search Editor, Auto Vision Light Setting

 User Convenience:

  • A rotational touch monitor makes operation easy – especially when changing blades and settings.
  • Graphic recipe management and one-touch auto setting for the BBD/NCS sensor.
  • Cutting sequence visualization simulates the cutting line step-by-step improving accuracy and allowing you to predict productivity.
  • Auto Dressing, Auto Search & Write
  • Individual Velocity Control
  • Drag & Drop, Clipboard
  • 8 Channels

With so much to offer, we hope you will consider the micro SAW W1121α.  NDC is proud to represent HANMI Semiconductor – one of the top semiconductor equipment companies in the world.

Contact Don Johnson at (215) 355-2460 to learn more!


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